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Eczema Aid

Herbs of Gold Eczema Aid is a comprehensive formula with traditional herbs and nutrients for the relief of mild eczema and the maintenance of healthy skin.

  • Relieves mild eczema
  • Anti-inflammatory & anti-allergy
  • Supports healthy skin
60 tablets

Hayfever & Sinus Ease

Herbs of Gold Hayfever & Sinus Ease is specifically formulated with Horseradish, Garlic and vitamin C plus Eyebright and Baical scullcap to help relieve mucus and nasal congestion associated with respiratory allergies.

  • Horseradish, Garlic & C
  • Plus Eyebright & Baical scullcap
  • Relieves congestion

L-Glutamine 750

Herbs of Gold L-Glutamine 750 is a high strength L-Glutamine supplement.

  • Digestive health
  • Immune health
  • Muscle recovery & maintenance
120 capsules

Lung Detox

Herbs of Gold Lung Detox is a great tasting berry flavoured liquid herbal formula to help support healthy lung and respiratory function.

  • Antioxidant
  • Relieves mucus congestion
  • Supports respiratory function

Mushroom 5 Complex

Herbs of Gold Mushroom 5 Complex contains powerful tonifying mushroom extracts that are traditionally used in Chinese medicine to help strengthen the body's defences, promotes healthy ageing and provides symptomatic relief for mild upper respiratory trac

  • Strengthens immune defences
  • Allergy relief
  • Tonifying formula
60 capsules

Probiotic + SB

Herbs of Gold Probiotic + SB is a room stable probiotic complex that restores healthy intestinal bacteria and helps maintain healthy digestive function.

  • Restores healthy intestinal bacteria
  • Healthy digestive function
  • Immune support
60 capsules

Quercetin Complex

Herbs of Gold Quercetin Complex is a high-strength, natural antihistamine complex that provides symptomatic relief of seasonal upper respiratory tract allergies.

  • Natural antihistamine
  • Seasonal respiratory allergies
  • With vitamin C & bioflavonoids
60 tablets

Ultra Omega 3-6-9

Herbs of Gold Ultra Omega 3-6-9 combines Omega 3, 6 and 9 fatty acids from a combination of Linseed (Flaxseed), Evening primrose and Fish oils.

  • Source of omega-3-6-9
  • Relief of dry skin & mild eczema 
  • Menopause symptom relief
200 capsules

Ultra Zinc +

Herbs of Gold Ultra Zinc + contains 50mg of elemental zinc per vegetable capsule.

  • High strength
  • Organically bound
  • With co-factors: vitamin A, B6 & magnesium
60 capsules

Vitamin C 1000 Plus Zinc & Bioflavonoids

Herbs of Gold Vitamin C 1000 Plus Zinc & Bioflavonoids is a high potency vitamin C complex containing citrus bioflavonoids to increase the bioavailability of the vitamin C.

  • Cold relief
  • Low acid formula
  • Antioxidant
60 tablets




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