Feeling mentally foggy? Clear your mind with these strategies!

Feeling mentally foggy? Clear your mind with these strategies!

Do you often forget where you put your keys? Are you feeling creatively blocked? Struggling to focus and memorise information? We can all agree that feeling mentally fuzzy can make us feel mentally frustrated. Stop right there! Read further to learn more about the mind-clearing strategies you can start employing today!

What is brain fog and what can cause it?

Brain fog is characterised by forgetfulness and a lack of focus and mental clarity. Whilst the symptoms of brain fog are relatively straight-forward, it is sometimes difficult to identify the cause. Brain fog can be driven by multiple factors, the common ones being hormonal changes, stress, poor sleep and nutritional insufficiencies.

How does it manifest?

Brain fog fundamentally manifests as poor concentration and mental recall, however, often we may also experience:

  • Headaches
  • Fatigue
  • Low motivation
  • Reduce tolerance to stress
  • Limited creativity

Detangle your mind by incorporating these simple and easy strategies.

  1. Get more shut-eye

Running on little sleep can slow down our mental sharpness and lower our mood. Why? A new study revealed that sleep deprivation disrupts our brain cells’ ability to communicate, leading to poor cognitive acuity and performance[1]. Top tip – aim to get 7-9 hours of sleep per night[2].

  1. Minimise tech time

The recent digital revolution has got most of us glued to screens 24/7, but unfortunately, excess screen time is linked to brain fog. Whilst it’s impossible to entirely evade the use of technology, we do have control over the time we devote to it. Do you find yourself scrolling endlessly through social media before bed or waking up to the TV in the morning? Try reading a book or make time to go for a walk instead.   

  1. Dial up your exercise

Exercise improves circulation to the brain, making it a great tool for combating mental fatigue in the short-term, but also has protective benefits for cognitive health in the long-term. Aim to get 30 minutes of exercise every day.

  1. Utilise the power of herbs

Certain medicinal herbs can tonify the brain and rejuvenate the mind. Herbs of Gold Memory and Cognition Gold contains the hero ingredient, BacoMind®, a clinically trialled Brahmi extract that enhances cognitive performance in the elderly and teenagers[3],[4]. The formula also features Rosemary, a popular culinary herb traditionally used in Western herbal medicine to support mental clarity and focus, as well as Ginkgo to support healthy blood circulation.

  1. Clean up your diet

Our brain requires a plethora of nutrients to function, so relying on a diet high in processed foods limits our ability to meet its high nutritional needs. To get you started, try making healthier food swaps, for example, choose naturally flavoured sparkling water over soft drink, a healthy over a greasy burger or nutty muesli over sweetened cereals.


[1] Nir, Y., Andrillon, T., Marmelshtein, A., Suthana, N., Cirelli, C., Tononi, G., & Fried, I. (2017). Selective neuronal lapses precede human cognitive lapses following sleep deprivation. Nature Medicine23(12), 1474-1480.

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