Finding the right therapeutic ingredients for our products is one of our highest priorities.

From ingredients that have been clinically studied, right through to sourcing ingredients from the right country of origin, balancing these needs is an important part of our product formulation process we take very seriously.

At Herbs of Gold, we source ingredients from not only Australia, but from all over the world. For herbal ingredients that rely on ideal climates and growing conditions, this makes sense.

While some plants are suited to the Australian climate, like our Olive leaf liquid extract which is home-grown right here in Victoria, other extracts, like the Grape seed extract in our Grape Seed Gold, is sourced from France. When a plant is grown and harvested from its ideal climate, it means the extract available is far more likely to be rich in the therapeutically useful compounds we are looking for.

Once sourced, our ingredients are manufactured to follow stringent guidelines for quality and safety. Herbs of Gold products are produced to comply with strict Good Manufacturing Practice (GMP) laws. In fact, Australia has some of the strictest manufacturing laws for complementary medicines in the world, ensuring our products are held to the highest standards.

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