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General Questions

Who are Herbs of Gold?

Herbs of Gold is an Australian-owned company that produces high-quality, therapeutic herbal and nutritional supplements. Established in 1989, our mission is to nourish the health of adults and children by providing a range of products for various life stages and personal preferences.

Why Herbs of Gold products?

Our products are created with quality ingredients based on the latest in scientific research and traditional evidence. We pride ourselves on our extensive vegan-friendly range that is low allergy, free from artificial colors, flavors and sweeteners, with our children’s range being completely sugar-free.

Are your products suitable for vegans?

We pride ourselves on our extensive vegan-friendly range. While vegan-friendly is a key consideration, some therapeutically useful ingredients such as our fish oils don’t lend themselves to a vegan-friendly product. More than 80% of our range is vegan friendly and close to 90% is vegetarian friendly.

Our Products

How do you ensure the quality and effectiveness of your products?

All our products are manufactured in TGA-licenced manufacturing facilities under good manufacturing practice (GMP) conditions. We work with quality raw material suppliers to source high-quality ingredients that comply with rigorous quality standards. Our team of highly qualified naturopaths, herbalists, and nutritionists focus on developing products based on the latest research and using clinically trialled ingredients. This approach ensures that our supplements are of the highest quality and provide maximum health benefits.

Where can I purchase Herbs of Gold products?

You can purchase our products through our online store or from various health food stores, pharmacies, and naturopathic clinics across Australia.

Check out our Store locator on our website.

Can I take multiple Herbs of Gold products simultaneously?

It's generally safe to use multiple products together, but we recommend consulting with a health professional to ensure the combination is appropriate for your individual needs and health goals.

Please talk to one of our Naturopaths if you are unsure.

Are Herbs of Gold products safe for pregnant or breastfeeding women?

We have a dedicated range of products for pregnancy and reproductive health. However, it's essential to consult your health professional before using any supplement during pregnancy or breastfeeding to ensure it's suitable for you and your baby.

Please ask our Naturopaths if you are unsure.

How do I know which Herbs of Gold product is right for me?

Our website provides comprehensive information on each product, including its benefits, ingredients and recommended dosage. If you're unsure about which product is suitable for your needs, we recommend consulting with a health professional for personalised advice.

How should I store my Herbs of Gold products?

Store your Herbs of Gold products in a cool, dry place, below 25 degrees Celsius and away from direct sunlight and heat sources. Keep them out of reach of children and follow the expiry date mentioned on the packaging.

Speak to us about which product is best for you!

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