Immune health for the whole family

Keeping the whole family healthy is important. While it can become hard to protect ourselves when we all live under the same roof, making sure each family member’s immune health is supported is a great first step in the right direction.
Regardless of age, a healthy body needs healthy food, regular exercise and believe it or not, a healthy gut. Between 70% - 80% of our immune system lies in our gut, so making sure our digestive systems are in the best possible shape is an important part of keeping our immune system healthy.

Gut health with probiotics
Our gut houses over 100 trillion bacteria that live happily inside us. They’re not harmful to us, but rather sit there providing an army of support for our immune system so we remain healthy. Maintaining beneficial bacteria goes a long way toward our overall immune health. The Herbs of Gold Probiotic Range contains multi-strain formulations that are not only gluten free, dairy free and vegan friendly, they are also room stable and don’t require refrigeration.

• Probiotic 60 Billion
Herbs of Gold Probiotic 60 Billion is a high-strength combination of 12 different probiotic strains to support friendly intestinal gut flora and immune system health in adults. See Probiotic 60 Billion.

• Children’s Probiotic 15 Billion
Children’s Probiotic 15 Billion is suitable for children aged 2-12 years, providing beneficial bacteria in 16 different probiotic strains. In addition to supporting immune health, the multi-strain formula also helps to maintain beneficial bacteria during antibiotic use. See Children’s Probiotic 15 Billion.

Herbs and nutrients for immune health
Herbs and nutrients, such as Echinacea , vitamins C and D and zinc can also play an important role in our immune health.

• Children’s Immune Care
A child’s immune system can take a little time to develop and mature. Children’s Immune Care contains Echinacea, vitamin C, vitamin D and zinc to support healthy immune system function in children. See Children’s Immune Care.

• Zinc Forte + C
The nutrients zinc and vitamin C are very well recognized for the important role they play in immune health. Zinc Forte + C provides a high-strength dose of both of these nutrients, in combination with other cofactors, in a delicious raspberry flavoured powder suitable for family members 4 years and up. See Zinc Forte + C.

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