The art of staying focussed

The art of staying focussed
Ever find yourself walking into a room only to forget why you went in there in the first place?

Don’t be concerned - it happens to the best of us! These moments of loss of focus and concentration don’t necessarily mean you should be alarmed. Maybe it’s just time to employ some tried and trusted tips to help support your memory and mental concentration.

Staying focussed means you remember important facts and information, have greater levels of concentration and clarity, get tasks finished faster and with greater accuracy and allows your creativity to shine through.

The art of staying focussed involves:

Focus on one task at a time

It might sound simple, but concentrating on just one task at a time is a skill that requires mastering. Stay in the moment when you are doing something, focus on the completion of that task before moving on too rapidly to thoughts of what’s next. The constant need to feel you must mentally multitask doesn’t help get things done faster – it only helps to impair your concentration and increase your stress levels.

Schedule short breaks to clear your mind and refresh your energy

Taking regular breaks refreshes your energy levels, gets the blood pumping back through your body and improves the oxygen supply to the brain making you feel more awake and less physically and mentally drained. Every 20 minutes, stand up and move around – make a cup of tea, walk to the bathroom, or simply just do a lap around your desk. The improvement in blood flow is good for your overall mental clarity and you’ll feel more awake too.

Mindfulness brings your attention back to the present moment

Ever had those days when you didn’t know if you were coming or going? There’s a lot to be said about being present in the moment and the positive effects it can have on staying focussed. When you find your attention dropping, try some simple mindfulness exercises, like taking a deep breath or focusing on things you can see, hear, smell, taste and touch. If you’re focussing on a specific task, check in with yourself to make sure you’re retaining the information rather than just absently skipping over it.

Don’t forget to eat

A drop in healthy blood sugar simply because you haven’t eaten enough food can be a key reason why your brain feels foggy and distracted. Stress might be telling your body it’s not hungry, but your brain needs regular fuel to keep it in tip top operational shape. At the same time, don’t let snacking be your excuse to not stay focussed. If you’re hungry, by all means eat, if you’re heading to the pantry simply out of boredom, try another of the tips in this article to help stay focussed.

Herbs for memory and cognition

Herbs, like Ginkgo and Brahmi have been used for centuries to support memory.

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Brahmi is traditionally used in Ayurvedic medicine to enhance cognitive performance and memory, while improving memory and cognitive performance in adolescents and the elderly. In addition, Brahmi maintains mental function, memory and metal recall in children.

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