Top 5 health benefits of magnesium

Top 5 health benefits of magnesium
The human body needs 21 different essential minerals to function properly. Essential means they must be taken in the diet as they cannot be produced by the body. Magnesium is one of these essential minerals, needed to help maintain nervous system health and muscle function, support heart and bone health, while also assisting with carbohydrate and sugar metabolism.

With a bundle of actions in the body, we take a look at our top 5 health benefits of magnesium:

1. Muscle health

Magnesium is an important mineral for muscles, working by balancing calcium which has an influence on both the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Magnesium helps muscles to relax, while calcium helps them to contract, which is why it’s important to obtain a balance of these two minerals. As they have opposing actions, it is also recommended you avoid taking calcium and magnesium supplements at the same time. If you aren't getting enough magnesium, your muscles may cramp and spasm more easily. Also, byproducts of metabolism, such as lactic acid, become harder to flush out without enough magnesium, which may lead to sore muscles.

2. Energy production

Magnesium is involved in the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats which activates adenosine triphosphate (ATP), the body’s main energy source. Without proper levels of magnesium, the nutrients you take in through the diet are not efficiently metabolised into energy. Magnesium is also an important mineral to assist glucose metabolism, having a further impact on energy within the body.

3. Heart health

Magnesium is required for the health of the heart through the role it plays in both muscle contraction function and energy production. In essence, the heart works like a large muscle, expanding and contracting to pump blood around the body to delivery oxygen and nutrients to all tissues and cells. As an organ, the heart also has some of the highest energy demands of the body, where large amounts of ATP are required to sustain the heart’s continual 24-hour contractile function.

4. Reduce the occurrence of mild migraines

More than just a bad headache, mild migraines can stop you in your tracks. Magnesium is necessary for nervous system health and the important act of relaying signals between the brain and body. Magnesium acts as a gatekeeper for special receptors found on nerve cells, protecting these important cells from overstimulation, while also playing a role in healthy muscle contraction function.

5. Periods, pain and PMT

Menstrual cramps, spasms and dysmenorrhoea can be debilitating. Dysmenorrhoea is the painful uterine cramps that either precede or accompany a period and is characterised by dysfunction in the contraction and relaxation of muscles. Magnesium is beneficial in supporting healthy muscle contraction function, relieving dysmenorrhea and the symptoms of premenstrual tension.

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