Herbs for skin health

Herbs for skin health
Are you dealing with skin that is dry, flat, lifeless or slow to heal? While your first thoughts may go to topical options like creams, oils or body treatments, caring for your skin from within can be a powerful way to support healthy skin. While a skin from within approach may not always be the first option that comes to mind, it’s one that makes sense when you think about the relationship between the skin and the rest of the body.
Skin is in fact an organ - the largest organ in the body to be exact, so it makes sense, like all organs, that it needs to function effectively. This means having a good process to ensure healthy blood flow, allowing nutrients in, while supporting healthy detoxification processes that allow for the efficient elimination of waste out.

Herbs that support this elimination action are known as having a depurative action. Depurative herbs have both purifying and detoxifying effects, supporting the health of skin through their cleansing effects.

There are some great depurative herbs for skin health. Just a few of these are:

1. Burdock

Burdock has been a traditionally used in Western herbal medicine (WHM) for thousands of years as a depurative, supporting waste elimination via the skin and relieving the symptoms of acne.
Burdock’s use also relates to its ability to support waste elimination through the urinary tract, having been traditionally used in WHM to promote urinary output. As around 85% of the body’s fluids are in tissues, the ability to support fluid output assists with this detoxification action.

2. Calendula

The striking yellow and orange flowers of the Calendula plant have been used for thousands of years in WHM to support wound healing. This action was reported back in the late 1800s when compresses of Calendula flowers were used to treat bullet wounds. This astringent action of this beautiful plant has earnt it the reputation for being one of the best traditional wound healing remedies.

3. Yellow dock

Yellow dock is native to Europe, preferring growing conditions that include full sun and adequate water. Yellow dock’s name comes from the vibrant yellow cover of the plant’s roots. It is a plant that has been used for thousands of years in WHM to support both skin health, while also relieving the symptoms of mild eczema or dermatitis.

Herbs of Gold Clear Skin is a combination of traditional herbs with strong depurative actions to support skin health, relieve acne and minor skin interruptions based on traditional use. Containing the herbs Burdock, Calendula and Yellow dock, Herbs of Gold Clear Skin also contains Echinacea, vitamin A and zinc. Zinc is added as an important mineral to support both skin health and connective tissue health.

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